Felix & The Scootermen shows, Hoosiers Summer Sale

Felix and the Scootermen

Felix & The Scootermen. Who are they, you may ask?

Well, they look like Al and Irwin, don’t they. Technically, they're Felix Scoot and Lee Delamere. But all is explained in this fantastic article in the Edinburgh News.

Ahead of their big Edinburgh Fringe debut, though, they are working swiftly through their material, honing and refining, sanding and polishing. 

To do this, MANY work-in-progress shows have been booked throughout (mostly) London, throughout (mostly) June and July. The first preview show is NEXT WEEK, so have a look and come on down to see comedy evolve before your very eyes!

  • June 19 - South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell - TICKETS
  • June 21 - Canal Café Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • June 24 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • July 2 - The Star Of Kings, London - TICKETS
  • July 3 - Museum of Comedy, London - TICKETS
  • July 17 - The Old Queens Head, London - TICKETS
  • July 18 - The Hen & Chickens Theatre, London - TICKETS
  • July 21 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS
  • July 22 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS
  • July 23 - Rosemary Branch Theatre & Pub, London - TICKETS

Also, it may not feel like summer in rainy England just now, but our "spring into summer" sale is still on and ends on the solstice next Friday!

So head over to the SHOP and use discount code RPM2019 to get 33-1/3% off of EVERYTHING in the shop (yes, everything in the shop is on sale...)

Back to rehearsals now, and I'm sure we'll see several of you soon.

Felix & Lee

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