Album Four – Let us know what you think!April, 2015

Recording December 2014Hello loyal Hoosiers fans.

This is a bit of a long one so you may want to grab a cup of tea.

Many thanks to everyone who replied to our Facebook question last month about our new songs. The resounding majority of replies say that you want – and are happy to wait for – a full album from us, even though we have 5 songs waiting here ready to go now.

In fairness, this surprised us a bit – we were considering releasing 5 songs now, 5 songs later, 5 songs even later-later, 5 songs later STILL, and actually just keep going like that without worrying too much about an “album” as such.

But we’d rather give you what you have said you want, so have re-thought our original plans to make sure you get that album! That said, we still think you’d probably want to hear new songs if we have them, so hope we have come up with a compromise between “eternal EPs” and “an album”.

The plan as it stands now is to book a run of live shows in September/October to coincide with the release of a brand new album. (We will put tickets for those shows on sale soon…) At the same time, we will also put Album Four up for pre-sale. Nothing complicated this time, just asking you to pay for the album in advance at the same time you buy your ticket. What we WILL do, though, is send anyone who pre-orders Album Four a couple of new songs from the album to download straight away.

Now, not everyone is as clued-up as you are to know about all of this, so we will probably still release an EP (the 2 new album tracks you’d get with the Album Four pre-order plus 3 live/acoustic tracks) on iTunes and Spotify so the more casual Hoosiers fan will see there’s something new out. We will probably even release a similar second EP around summertime while we’re playing some festivals.

Don’t worry – if you pre-order Album Four, you’ll automatically get all the “early bird” album tracks plus the extra EP tracks that we release before the album is officially out… plus we expect by the time the rest of the album is finished, we’ll have a few more exclusive tracks available for you that won’t be on any of the EPs.

So… how does that sound to you?

We really want to know what you think – so it would be great if you could email us on, tweet us, or even just comment on this and let us know.

Also, the T-shirts for the last album were really popular, so we’re thinking of pre-selling some new ones (along with the album and tickets) at a discount. What do you think of that? And is there anything else we should make or do for the album? PLEASE let us know. The album’s for you, after all, and if you want something specific, we’ll try to do our best to make it available if we can – as long as enough of you want the same thing of course!

One final note: all the plans above are just plans at the moment. We might still nudge them around a bit depending on our schedules, shows, and of course what you tell us. We think it’s a pretty GOOD plan, but flexibility is the mother of… something. (What we’re saying is that even with the best will in the world, even these plans may change.)

Thanks for taking the time to read, PLEASE write to us with your thoughts – email is preferred at – and PLEASE pass this along to your friends who also like The Hoosiers or need to know that new music and a tour are coming your way!

Lots of love,

YOUR Hoosiers

New Album or New EPs?March, 2015

Holidays and Recording SessionsDecember, 2014

Happy Festivus to all!

It’s that time of year where most people look back, reflect, and sum up where the year has gone. Not us… we went to a recording studio in London and laid down some funky new jams!

Yes, some of you may have seen a few cryptic photos of our recording session on the internets – and we can confirm that we were armed with a handful of new songs that needed recording. Now, we don’t have any plans for these yet – they may be an EP, they may be an album further down the line, they may be scrapped when we make the shift to country/rap crossover. You never know. But, whatever plans do arise for them we will let you know here.

Have a spectacular New Year, and THANK YOU for being you…

See you in 2015,

The Hoosiers

The Angelus Foundation – Lab RatsDecember, 2014

Hey hey everyone. Looks like Irwin has been up to no good…

Watch (and share!) the video below and be sure to visit The Angelus Foundation to find out more!

Rocket Star Acoustic SessionOctober, 2014

We get asked rather frequently what our songs are about or where we get our ideas – well this article in Smithsonian’s Air and Space Magazine was Martin’s inspiration for writing “Rocket Star”!

We’re in the process of getting all our lyrics together to put up on the site, and also to hopefully shed a bit more light on the process/stories behind them, too.

Oh, and speaking of “Rocket Star” – here’s the song in acoustic form from our “Acoustic Songs In A Church” sessions earlier this year!