The News From Nowhere – Out Now!April, 2014

It is with great excitement that we can officially say: our new album The News From Nowhere is OUT NOW!

It’s been a while since our last album, but this new one is a corker. We hope you enjoy it.

Special newspaper editions and bundles are still available from us in our online shop here, and of course you can find the album on iTunes and Amazon and all your usual online retailers!

The News From Nowhere Cover

Updates From NowhereApril, 2014

It’s really exciting watching all of you post photos and messages about getting your pre-orders – we hope you’re enjoying the album! Keep sharing with us – just use hashtag #hoosnews wherever you post, and by computer magic your photos should show up on

If you haven’t got your copy yet – don’t worry, we’re just shipping the last copies out today… there were some gremlins in the system, which sometimes happens when you have to print out and pack loads of orders all at once, and it does take a while for our warehouse elves to pack all the orders, too!

If you did get a delivery confirmation email and it’s not arrived yet, or if you have any questions about your pre-order at all, the nice people at Music Glue (who help run our online store) are there to help – just contact them at with your name and address and any online order numbers you have and they’ll look straight into it for you.

‘The News From Nowhere’ Ships!April, 2014

The News From Nowhere CoverWe have been saying the phrase “very soon” a lot lately. And we’re going to say it again. Only this time the “very” is SO very “very” you won’t believe it.

Basically, we’re saying that all the pre-orders for The News From Nowhere have shipped.


Yes, the new album is on it’s way to you right now (and some of you may even have it already)! We said we’d send it out a few weeks before the release date so you get to hear it first – so promise kept. You helped us make it, so it’s only fair you get to hear it first.

We really look forward to hearing what you think of it, so why not take a photo of it and stick it online – use the hashtag #hoosnews and it’ll show up on alongside other Hoosiers fans getting their deliveries, too.

Let’s fill that page up with photos of you and The News From Nowhere.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about the new album… it will be with you very soon.

On Tour May 2014March, 2014

We’re going on tour!  Yes, dates for May 2014 have been announced, and all dates are on sale now.

We’ll also be joined on all our headline dates by Ariana & The Rose from New York City. Check out full dates below, and ticket links as always on the ‘LIVE’ page here on the website.

The Hoosiers Tour 2014

Signed Copies of The News From NowhereMarch, 2014

We spent yesterday signing CDs and vinyl copes of The News From Nowhere ready to start shipping out to everyone who pre-ordered from us VERY SOON.

We even made an effort to sign more than we needed, which means that if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, as long as you DO pre-order order ANY VERSION of ‘The News From Nowhere’ from this very website at before the release date of 14 April, we’ll make sure YOUR copy on CD or vinyl is signed copy, too!

NFNW-Signing-Low-Angle NFNW-Signing-Full-Band NFNW-Signing-Al
NFNW-Signing-Sam Vinyl-Countdown