Holidays and Recording SessionsDecember, 2014

Happy Festivus to all!

It’s that time of year where most people look back, reflect, and sum up where the year has gone. Not us… we went to a recording studio in London and laid down some funky new jams!

Yes, some of you may have seen a few cryptic photos of our recording session on the internets – and we can confirm that we were armed with a handful of new songs that needed recording. Now, we don’t have any plans for these yet – they may be an EP, they may be an album further down the line, they may be scrapped when we make the shift to country/rap crossover. You never know. But, whatever plans do arise for them we will let you know here.

Have a spectacular New Year, and THANK YOU for being you…

See you in 2015,

The Hoosiers

The Angelus Foundation – Lab RatsDecember, 2014

Hey hey everyone. Looks like Irwin has been up to no good…

Watch (and share!) the video below and be sure to visit The Angelus Foundation to find out more!

Rocket Star Acoustic SessionOctober, 2014

We get asked rather frequently what our songs are about or where we get our ideas – well this article in Smithsonian’s Air and Space Magazine was Martin’s inspiration for writing “Rocket Star”!

We’re in the process of getting all our lyrics together to put up on the site, and also to hopefully shed a bit more light on the process/stories behind them, too.

Oh, and speaking of “Rocket Star” – here’s the song in acoustic form from our “Acoustic Songs In A Church” sessions earlier this year!

Acoustic Songs in a ChurchSeptember, 2014

Way back in February we got together in a church with 4 microphones and un-powered instruments to record a few songs on a laptop.

We play acoustic shows every now and again and thought it would be good to have a record of some of them – especially stuff from the new album AND a few BRAND NEW songs, too.

We’ve posted a few to Facebook throughout the year, but here’s a playlist of the 4 we’ve put up so far PLUS the not-previously-posted acoustic version of ‘Choices’ we played on our May/June tour earlier this year.

SO – that’s 5 acoustic tracks, one of which is a brand new song, too. Yes, we DO love you people!

(Many thanks to FURBALLFILMS for directing and editing, too)

Restocked Swag and Free Music!August, 2014

Hello fellow Hoosierites and Hoosierettes!

Great to see some of you at a lovely if a bit rainy day this bank holiday Monday in Liverpool, and of course to everyone else who’s been along to see us play live in the past few weeks.

Some big news items for you, so we’ll cut straight to the chase:

Yes, we’ve re-stocked the online shop with clothing, specifically the blue girlie NFNW shirts, PLUS added a new one based on the limited-edition poster we’ve had on the road. The ‘Desert Diamond’ shirt is available in men’s AND ladies’ versions, too. We’ve also bundled together a special Hoosiers goodie bag of badges, postcards, etc… anyway check everything out in the shop.

New Merch In Stock

Have you got a friend? I bet you do. Do they want a free Hoosiers track? I bet they do. So tell them they can have one. We’ve put “Somewhere In The Distance” up on our website for free so your mates – or even complete strangers – can have a listen. We love it, you love it, I’m sure they will. So let them know – point them to

So there you go. Shirts back in stock, and a free track for Hoosiers newbies… Hoobies? We’ll work on that.


Irwin, Sam, Al, Martin.