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Good morning everyone in Hoosier-land.

Spring is just about sproinging now, despite a bit of snow, and there are plenty of Hoosiers-shaped blossoms starting to appear.

The first and biggest one is unfortunately the least exciting but also the MOST IMPORTANT: we're moving our email list!

If you want to keep getting updates from us on new music, tour dates, other projects and updates, you will need to join our new email list here. We'll send a few more reminders before we shut down this one at the end of May, but want to make sure you DO sign up otherwise you may miss out on some big news.

What KIND of big news? Well those spring-like blossoms may or may not include something to do with brand new music, something to do with summer festivals and shows, something to do with the theatre, something to do with a musical, and even something to do with the mystical far east. Does it sound exciting? Yes it does.

So don't miss out, join our new, improved, fresher-scented email list and you'll be hearing more from us soon!

All the best as always,

Ir & Al

PS - sign up to the new list at http://eepurl.com/do6Qdz pass it on!

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