It's 2017, cheap shirts, and a...

Hello our beloved Hoosiernauts.

It's been a while since we've been in touch, we know, but we have to blame that on "solo project fever"... If you hadn't seen, Irwin travelled to the emerald isle to be BIG, and is now a beat cop (not really), whereas Al and Sam wrote a musical for kids about the alphabet and animals, cleverly - and very accurately - titled "Animalphabet". As Al said the other day, that's too many cooks in one basket.

But now that collective itch has been scratched, we've already got a Hoosiers gig under our belts for 2017, and our first festival of the summer has been announced. We also have some big plans for later in this year... we're not quite ready to let you know yet, but if you do some simple base-10 maths, you may be able to figure out what it is.

In the meantime, we need to clear out some space in the warehouse to make room for some new goodies, so for the rest of March and all the way until the May bank holiday (that's May 1st for you foreign types), ALL our t-shirts are only £5! A bargain at twice the price!

So head yourselves over to our shop, use magic code TSHIRT5 and fill your wardrobe with short-sleeved Hoosier-y goodness just in time for Spring (and also check out some of the limited-edition stuff... we found an extra box of posters and vinyl the other day!...)

So keep your eyes peeled, tell your mates about the crazy sale, and clear out those ear-holes ready for more!

Good talk,

The Hoosiers

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