New video for The Wheels Fell Off

Does what it says on the tin - the video for our new song 'The Wheels Fell Off' from the upcoming album The Secret Service

Watch! Enjoy! Share! Repeat!

...and don't forget, we're on tour this October - full dates on the SHOWS page.

Album Number 4 - The Secret Service

This is it ladies and gentlemen - the moment you've been waiting for!

The Hoosiers are proud to announce our 4th studio album:

The Secret Service

The album is due out on 9 October, and we are already in the process of booking a tour to coincide with its release (more on that once it’s all confirmed).

This release is a little different from previous ones in that we will be releasing 2 EPs leading up to the album so you can sink your teeth into some new tunes. These 2 EPs each have 2 brand new tracks from the upcoming album, 2 live tracks from the 2014 tour, and 1 live acoustic recording of a previously unreleased song from a filming session in a church in February 2014.

These EPs will be released on iTunes/Spotify/Amazon Music/etc. - BUT if you pre-order The Secret Service album from our website in any format, you will get both of these EPs to download from their release date as part of your purchase.

The Secret Service and 2 EPs

We are offering The Secret Service album for pre-order now, along with various bundles of merchandise that you've requested by email and Facebook. This time on offer are the album on download, CD, vinyl, the 2 download EPs as part of the purchase, some exclusive T-shirt designs that will ship to you straight away, PLUS we're also including a super-secret gift on the release date for you (you'll just have to wait until October to find out what it is).

Even better news: the first EP ‘The Wheels Fell Off’ is available RIGHT NOW (Surprise! We released it today) so all pre-orders from our website will get these 5 tracks to download immediately. All The Secret Service bundles and pre-orders are listed on our website.

At the end of the day you said you wanted a full Hoosiers album, so we listened and there it is. But we are still excited for you to hear some new music without having to wait until the album is out, so hope you enjoy the EPs in the meantime.

Onwards and upwards!

Lots of love,

Al, Irwin, Sam

...And then there were three.


Hello all,

After eleven years of battling side-by-side, finding our feet, losing our minds and touching our toes we're announcing that Martin will not be working on the upcoming album with us, nor continuing his journey as a Hoosier.

We're all still friends after what had to be one of the most amicable decisions in music history, but it's clear that we're pulling in different musical directions, and we all reached the decision together.

We love Martin and sincerely wish him the best in his current and future projects. We actually mean that last sentence, too, it's not just a vacuous space-filler that you'd expect from this sort of missive!

It feels strange to be writing this, but in order for The Hoosiers to carry on as a band that could continue to make music for you cherished listeners, it was a decision we all had to reach.

Hoosier love to you all,

Al, Irwin, and Sam

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