The Hoosiers – The Bumpy Bundle

The Bumpy Bundle

The Bumpy Ride deluxe CD/DVD, a shirt, and a tote bag for a great price

You get the Bumpy Ride deluxe edition CD/DVD - which includes the full "Illusion of Safety" album and 4 extra "Bumpy Ride EP" tracks, plus a DVD full of acoustic, live, and promo videos - as well as an instant download of IOS and BREP ... AND you get a choice of 1 of 3 different "Hoosier Lookin' At" shirts PLUS a "Hoosier Lookin' At" tote bag. WHAMMY!

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Hoosier Lookin' At T-Shirt

$10.69 $6.69

Purple 'Hoosier Lookin' At?' Crew-neck T-Shirt

Hoosier Lookin' At Slim-fit V-Neck

$10.69 $6.69

Purple 'Hoosier Lookin' At?' Unisex Slim-fit V-Neck T-Shirt

2. This bundle also includes:

The Illusion of Safety (Download)

$6.68 Free

'The Illusion of Safety' MP3 Album

All our MP3 downloads are encoded at 256kbps and come with a cover art file

Bumpy Ride EP (Download)

$1.99 Free

'Bumpy Ride EP' MP3 4-track EP

Please note: The tracks on this download EP were originally included on the phyiscal release CD+DVD version of 'Bumpy Ride'

All our MP3 downloads are encoded at 256kbps and come with a cover art image

Hoosier Lookin' At Tote Bag


Black 'Hoosier Lookin' At?' Canvas Tote Bag

Bumpy Ride (CD + DVD)

'Bumpy Ride' 1CD Album + Bonus DVD

Please note: this is the physical CD+DVD extended format album. Tracks 1-12 are available as 'The Illusion Of Safety' album and tracks 13-16 are now available as the 'Bumpy Ride EP'

1. Choices
2. Bumpy Ride
3. Who Said Anything (About Falling In Love)?
4. Unlikely Hero
5. Lovers In My Head
6. Live By The Ocean
7. Devil’s In The Detail
8. Glorious
9. Made To Measure
10. Giddy Up
11. Sarajevo
12. Little Brutes
13. Say Hello Wave Goodbye
14. Used To Be Love
15. Sister Sister
16. Squeeze

Bumpy Ride to Vegas feat. Elfis at Graceland Wedding Chappell
Goodbye Mr A – Cabin Fever version
Choices – Kidnapped & Abandoned version
Everything Goes Dark in the Grand Canyon
Unlikely Hero goes dark in a grand can’tyon
Worried About Ray … In a barn!
Money to be made …once a prenuptial agreement is signed willingly by both parties.
Bumpy Ride Video TV edit
Bumpy Ride Video Director’s Cut