The Hoosiers – Acoustic Songs In A Church (Download)

Acoustic Songs In A Church (Download)


Live And Let Live, Volume 2

These 12 songs were performed on truly acoustic instruments; nothing was plugged in or used power of any kind. They were recorded by us, directly onto Sam’s laptop, using at most only 4 microphones. We played all the songs on the same day – 21 February, 2014, to be specific – and we recorded only 1 take of each song. What you hear is about as live and honest as it gets.

All our MP3 downloads are encoded at 256kbps and come with a cover art image file.

  1. The Trick To Life
  2. Choices
  3. Don't Say What Nobody Wants To Hear
  4. A Sadness Runs Through Him
  5. Make Or Break
  6. Rocket Star
  7. Dancers In The Dark
  8. My Last Fight
  9. Sarajevo
  10. Weirdo
  11. Somewhere In The Distance
  12. Money To Be Made
  13. Acoustic Songs in A Church Album Cover