Live And Let Live 9th October, 2015

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Live albums are like buses, aren’t they? None for ages then all of a sudden…

Live In London is The Hoosiers first-ever full-gig, full-length live album, recorded at the London Islington Academy on the ‘Tour From Nowhere’ in May 2014. The 12 stripped-down versions of songs on Acoustic Songs In A Church were performed on truly acoustic instruments; nothing was plugged in or used power of any kind. They were recorded by us, directly onto Sam’s laptop, using at most only 4 microphones. We played all the songs on the same day – 21 February, 2014, to be specific – and we recorded only 1 take of each song; what you hear is about as live and honest as it gets.

You may have heard several of the tracks already on the The Wheels Fell Off or Up To No Good EPs – when we were mixing them we thought it would be great to make the whole shows available to everyone! The limited-edition Live And Let Live 2CD pack containing both albums will be sold on tour and will be available from this website; both live albums will also be available separately as downloads.

PLEASE NOTE: These live albums are included in several of The Secret Service pre-order bundles, and will not be on general sale until after all pre-orders are delivered.

Live And Let Live, Volume 1: Live In London
1. Somewhere In The Distance **
2. Unlikely Hero **
3. Make Or Break
4. Fidget Brain *
5. Worried About Ray *
6. My Last Fight
7. Rocket Star
8. Cops And Robbers
9. Weirdo
10. To The Lions
11. Made To Measure
12. Choices
13. Handsome Girls And Pretty Boys
14. Goodbye Mr. A

Live And Let Live, Volume 2: Acoustic Songs In A Church
1. The Trick To Life
2. Choices
3. Don’t Say What Nobody Wants To Hear *
4. A Sadness Runs Through Him
5. Make Or Break
6. Rocket Star
7. Dancers In The Dark **
8. My Last Fight
9. Sarajevo
10. Weirdo
11. Somewhere In The Distance
12. Money To Be Made

* Previously released on the The Wheels Fell Off EP
** Previously released on the Up To No Good EP

Live In London tracks from our EPs

(Some) Acoustic Songs In A Church

Live And Let Live (2CD)


Live In London (Download)


Acoustic Songs In A Church (Download)